The “BMD” Barker Bakery Case is a multi-deck, full service, refrigerated or dry, bakery merchandiser! Equiped with a curved, single pane, lift-up glass!




  • Sled runner base construction.

  • Straight back case design.

  • Standard 51-1/8”H and 44”D.

  • Standard 7-13/16” toekick.

  • 45 degree front dieboard.

  • Painted metal exterior.

  • Stainless steel exterior trim.

  • Stainless steel front, side and rear base trim.

  • Outside back and case top painted to match exterior.

  • Reflective rear load doors.

  • Single-pane, flat regular-glare lift front glass.

  • Black painted metal interior and trim.

  • T8 dual top lighting.

  • T8 undershelf lighting.

  • Rear electrical raceway.

  • Solar digital thermometer.

  • Remote

  • Remote shelving: 18” and 26” fixed flat, adjustable glass shelving.

  • Energy efficient fans.

  • Remote DX refrigeration package.

  • Dry

  • Dry shelving: 18” and 26” fixed 10° angle, adjustable wire rack shelving with price tag molding and product stop.

  • Runs off of 110v


Used, in good condition. Warranty and manual not included.


This unit has been checked out and serviced by a third party certified trained technician.

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Model: BMD
50"L x 51"H x 44"W 

#37 - 2012 Barker Self-Contained Bakery Case 

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