Baxter OV300E (Electric) Mini Rotating Rack Oven w/ PC800 Proofer Base


Oven is 208 volts, three phase, 46 amps, 16.5 kw, and UL listed as a commercial oven.  Oven comes complete and ready to use as pictures.  Oven has been in use up to date and is in excellent working condition. All functions are properly working, oven heats up nicely, castors roll easily.  Oven measures 48"x38"x86" and weighs approx. 2400 lbs.  Oven can be picked up locally or shipped.  


Bake in it.  Roast in it.  Rethermalize in it.

The Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven does everything a full-size model does, except take up more space.  The mini rotating rack oven is one of few at this size with a rotating interior rack for an even bake for everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles.  


Why this Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven?

Like all Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens, the mini rotating rack oven includes a patented self-contained spherical cast steam system, with two steamer assemlies per oven.  The steam combines with a unique airflow system to provide even heat dispersion throughout the oven, which in turn provides an even bake.  And the mini rack oven offers all of this in a footprint of just 48" W x 38.1" D x 48" H.  The heat exchangers in the mini rotating rack ovens are unique in that the tubes are made without welds for even heat distribution.  Natural and propane gas ovens feature the same in-shot burner systems as the full-size models, so they work in the same manner, promoting consistent heat from the top to the bottom of the oven.  Baxter's mini rotating rack oven was one of the first of it's kind with a rotating rack, a feature still rare in ovens this size.  The rotationpromotes an even bake in both gas and electric models, no matter what you're baking.


Every cooking aspect is under control.

Digital controls are easily programmable -- in fact, you can use the "Quick Set" feature to enter oven settings for up to 99 recipes each with up to 4-steps, all of which can be recalled at the touch of a button.  Controls allow the operator to select features such as auto on/off, auto vent, fan delay and time/temperature to make operation even simpler.  Not only are the controls easy to use, but easy to clean with surface mounted controls and curved edges which helps prevent food particle build up.


Used, in excellent condition.



This unit has been checked out and serviced by a third party certified trained technician.

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Model # - OV300E
Model # - PC800

#98 - ​Baxter OV300E (Electric) Mini Rotating Rack Oven w/ PC800 Proofer Base

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