This case is Remote with Glycol and Hill Phoenix has branded it their Coolgenix line.


For most that have no idea what Glycol is, it a liquid similar to antifreeze. On this model, the ice cold liquid circulates through the bottom trays that the pans/trays that hold the product rests on. This process uses conduction to pass ice cold temperatures from the bottom. The gravity coil hooks up to your standard gas rack system or compressor just like all other fresh meat/seafood cases.


This is the most evenly regulated temp case in the world.This process extends the life of seafood or meat by three days. The savings are enormous over the life of the case. The pump that operates the Glycol system is fairly simple so service will not be a issue.


Below is a link to videos by Hill Phoenix that talk a bit on the Coolgenix cases:

Hill PHOENIX Tech Tip - The Need for a Top Gravity Coil With Coolgenix


Additional Information from Hill Phoenix:


Coolgenix: New Technologies from Hill Phoenix

We are proud to offer the Coolgenix line of Hill PHOENIX refrigerated display cases that bring significant advantages in performance, energy savings, and labor savings. Traditional cases that use convection heat transfer have adverse effect on food products such as meat.


Evaporation that results from air flow in convection cases results in product drying, diminished weight, and early product loss, as well as unwanted side effects, such as condensation and frost build-up. By using conduction heat transfer, Coolgenix cases preserve product freshness while virtually eliminating weight loss. The pulse-flow technology cycles temperatures in the case and retains optimal levels of humidity. This also means that the Coolgenix case is perfectly suited for storage as well as display.


Display cases can be left stocked overnight and easily prepared for business in the morning. Labor savings in loading and unloading cases are a tremendous value. The secondary cooling system in Coolgenix systems provides improved product quality with less refrigerant charge, shorter pipeline runs, and lower pressure systems.


With increased consumer focus on the environment, the reduced impact of these cases has become a significant benefit.


Used, in good operating condition.


This unit has been checked out by a third party Certified trained technician.

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Model # - PSGFSSC8


#19 - Hill Phoenix 8' Remote Case with Coolgenix Technology

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