Baking, roasting and re-thermalizing are done fastest in a rack oven! LBC rack ovens have the high performance, quality and reliability that can meet the challenges of modern food service and enhance the art of old world craftsmanship

All gas fired models utilize LBC patented "Vertiflow" heat exchanger design that not only provides optimum efficiencies but eliminates the need for problem causing induced draft blower and air switches!


Standard Features:


  • Provides high quality and high volume baking and roasting

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Heavy duty "B" style over-head rack lift and gear driven rotating system

  • Heavy duty door with viewing window

  • Digital control panel with 99 menu storage

  • LBC "Vertiflow" heat exchanger design

  • Self-contained steam system

  • Unique tri-directional air flow system

  • Floor level rack loading design accommodates two single or one double rack

  • 200-550 Degree temperature range

  • 290,000 BTU/Hr

  • 120v/1 phase & 208v/3 phase power required

  • 72.25"W x 108.25"D x 104.8"H 

  • 72.25"W x 108.25"D x 104.8"H 




LBC Bakery Equipment's BakerSeries line of roll-in proofers are constructed using two inch thick stainless steel wall and ceiling panels that are foam injected along with the door to ensure that your energy dollars stay inside the box. All models are equipped with heavy-duty welded stainless steel door hinges, to prevent door sagging.

Our air-wash "Climatizer" system does not use emersion elements or a boiling pot, so there's no need for float switches and no guess work when it comes to humidity levels. 

The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) Controls provide a gentle heat and humidity curve preventing over-shoot so you're not pouring water down the drain. The control is mounted conveniently in the door at eye level and has large LED displays for time, temperature and humidity so your operators can keep track of every step of the proofing operation!


Standard Features:


  • Heavy duty stainless steel exterior with 300 Series stainless steel interior and aluminized steel top

  • Walls Ceilings and door are foam insulated

  • Modular wall and ceiling panels with cam lock construction

  • Rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system

  • High capacity refrigeration system with epoxy coated evaporator coils

  • 208/240 VAC single or 3-phase power, field convertible 

  • Shipping Weight 1,075lbs




Used, in good condition.



This unit has been checked out and serviced by a third party certified trained technician.

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Model # - LRO-2G
Model # - LRP1-50

#41- LBC "LRO-2G" Roll-In Double Rack Gas Oven & "LRP1-50" Baker Series Roll-In Proofer

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