Renew-A-Cart, Inc.

35 Years Experience


Renew-A-Cart is a family based business that has been servicing grocery store needs for more than thirty-five years. Our professional services include on-site shopping cart, rolling stock equipment, preventative maintenance and cleaning service programs.


We help our grocery and supermarket customers centralize their maintenance activity to reduce expenses and operate more efficiently. Our systems of scheduling, service and invoicing have been effectively established for client advantage.


Our service teams have decades of experience in servicing shopping carts, backroom equipment, bakery/deli, produce, meat room and cart corrals. As well as pressure washing and sanitizing in-store equipment, we also provide exterior maintenance by pressure washing sidewalks and dumpster areas. Our trained technicians quickly and efficiently handle the store needs with the minimum of disruption to cutomers and staff.


At Renew-A-Cart, we realize the safety of your store and customers is of up-most importance. Our service crews always set up out of the line of doorways and away from customers and their vehicles.


Correcting wobbly and broken shopping cart wheels and casters is an integral part of our service programs. Loose wheels can cause unsafe conditions for supermarket shoppers, children riding in carts, and employees. Our service technicians inspect and examine all equipment beginning with the wheels; checking for rust, alignment, damage, the pressure wash and lubrication. Each service crew arrives to the store fully-stocked with replacement parts so that damaged wheels and casters can be replaced with new ones as needed. Every effort is made to recycle usable parts. Welding is done on the spot as needed, for instance shopping carts that may have loose wires or stock floats with broken handles. Shopping cart frames are straightened and balanced when necessary to regain the integrity of cart.


At Renew-A-Cart, we maintain a complete and specific file on every store. These files include scheduling notes, such as the service dates, whether a store has any special needs and/or if they have recently received new shoping carts. We are always ready to assist you with information you need at any time, and are happy to do so.


Let us put our 35+ years experience to work for you!



Other Services Available


Renew-A-Cart, Inc. in conjuctions with The Freeman Group is able to offer additional useful services to our clients:


  • Refurbished shopping carts and supermarket/restaurant equipment available for purchase.

  • Transporting shopping carts and/or other store items.

  • Storage for unused carts and equipment.

  • Facilities for refurbishing used shopping carts.

  • Purchasing or removing all replaced supermarket store fixtures.

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